Hydrocephalus side effects in adults

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July 8, 2019
hydrocephalus side effects in adults

Other effects of hydrocephalus which are more difficult to explain may also be seen. For instance, some people are very seriously distressed by everyday noises such as vacuum cleaners or washing machines. Seizures are experienced by about one third of people with hydrocephalus at some point in their lives.

Hydrocephalus can occur at any age, but is most common in infants and adults age 60 and older. It affects adult males and females, as well as people of different races, about equally. Experts believe that normal-pressure hydrocephalus accounts for five to six percent of all dementia cases.

Hydrocephalus mainly occurs in children and adults over 60, but younger adults can get it too. The national institute of neurological disorders and stroke (ninds) estimates that 1 to 2 of every.

В  hydrocephalus, or water on the brain, is a condition where a buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain causes increased pressure in the skull.

Hydrocephalus can occur at any age but is most commonly diagnosed in infants and elderly adults (age 60 and older).

В  hydrocephalus can be triggered by abnormal levels of (lpa), a blood-borne lipid that can enter the brain in high concentrations during bleeding events.

Its important to be aware that medication with a side effect of drowsiness can mimic or mask signs of shunt malfunction or etv closure and should be used with caution in those with hydrocephalus, especially infants and young children.