Indigo adults physical characteristics

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July 8, 2019
indigo adults physical characteristics

The most striking physical characteristic of an indigo adult is in the eyes. In fact, over the course of their lifetime, an indigo adult may find that their eyes grow in intensity and take on a more crisp, sky blue colour.

We have been hearing a lot about indigo children recently as they are becoming increasingly common, but what about indigo adults? Indigos are not a recent phenomenon, they have been arriving for decades so there are plenty of indigo adults around, too. Read through the following signs to find out if youre one of them.

They rode the indigo wave to incarnate on earth typically between the 1980s and 1990s. They will have most of the characteristics of starseeds with a few unique to them. A starseed can be born into any body of any color, shape, or size.

Other indigo children, who have no support or are people who can not communicate with them or help them to cultivate their capacities may also become dull or lose their ability. Some kids are ridiculed and like other gifted kids will suppress their abilities.

When you have seen my previous post about what is a indigo child then you know that the indigo generation refers to the third eye chakra. Meaning we as highly sensitive people or empaths has this energy center more open and developed then other people.

Indigo adult test characteristics are intelligent, though may not have had top grades are very creative and enjoy making things always need to know why, especially why they are being asked to do something had disgust and perhaps loathing.